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Tropical Delight Reed Diffuser

Tropical Delight Reed Diffuser

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This is perfect for anyone who loves their space to have a wonderful scent but doesn't want to  burn candles for a long period of time or is unable to burn a candle due to safety guidelines. 

Reed Diffuser details: 7oz glass bottle paired with a gold collar. The natural reeds are made from high quality, responsibly harvested rattan reeds imported from Indonesia. 

Instruction: remove the rubber seal in the middle and add the reed sticks.

Fragrances: Pineapple, green leaves, anise, palm, sage and sugar.

*Please note the reed diffuser bottles were not filled to capacity to avoid diluting the the fragrance. It is important to preserve the authenticity of the fragrance. It also preserve the reed sticks for a long period of time.


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